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Africa is the second largest continent in the world. It is also the second largest continent in the world in terms of population. Africa is commonly referred to as the black continent by many. This large land mass comprises of 54 countries and is home to one billion people. About 15 percent of the world population lives in this continent, which constitutes about 20 percent of the total land area. Africa lies in the centre of the earth with the equator passing through its centre. It is the only continent that stretches from the northern temperate to the southern temperate zones. The climate of Africa is largely tropical in nature. The northern and southern parts of Africa have temperate climatic conditions. Africa is also considered to be the birth place of mankind. The oldest fossils of Homo sapiens found till now have been from the eastern parts of this continent. This large and diverse continent is home to lot of endangered species.

Africa is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the north, the Indian Ocean to the south east, the Suez Canal and the Red Sea to the northeast all along the Sinai Peninsula, and the Atlantic Ocean on the west. Madagascar and a large number of archipelagos are part of the continent. The population of Africa is the youngest in the whole world. About 50% of the residents in the continent are younger than 19 years of age.

Antarctica is the southernmost continent of all. The geographic south pole of the earth is contained in this continent. It is made of large permanent glaciers that surround the South Pole. This is one of the most uninhabitable places on earth. With a very small population of less than 5000 residents, Antarctica is the least populated continent on earth. It is also home to very few plant and animal species. Antarctica is also the coldest landmass on earth and much of this continent is made of permanent glaciers. Around 98% of the continent is covered by ice of about 1.9 kilometres thick.

Antarctica is the fifth largest among the seven continents. It is actually double the size of the whole of Australia. It is known to be the driest, coldest, and also the windiest continent. It has the highest elevation among all the continents, and is considered to be a complete desert. The temperature here is known to have reached -89 degrees as well. Only cold adapted organisms have the capacity to survive in this continent. Due to the hostile environment and the lack of resources, this continent was largely neglected and isolated.

Asia is the largest continent on earth covering about 9 percent of the earth’s surface. It is also the most populated continent on earth, home to an estimated population of around 4.3 billion people. This large population makes it an important part of the world economy.

Asia is located mostly in the northern and eastern hemispheres of the earth. It covers around 30% of the total land area, and is known to be home to the earliest human populations. Around 60% of the planet’s human population were in this continent. This continent is known for the large size, dense settlements, and also the vast area of barely populated regions.

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institution, France
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Alternative Title: IGN

Institut Géographique National (IGN) , one of the foremost centres of Buy Cheap Pay With Visa Womens Mignon Colour Block Dress People Tree Clearance Eastbay Clearance Limited Edition Cheap Sale Supply Sale Clearance Store pMarlNSVb
and geographic research in France , specializing in aerial and ground surveys and maps; it is located in Paris. Its origins can be traced to a mapmaking group organized in 1719, the Engineers and Geographers for Armies and Camps, which produced several geodetic and triangulation maps of France. During the reign of Cheap Collections Cheap View Womens Aris Woven Top Short TShirt Khujo Extremely Sale Online YBWYOW7y
, the group made the first of the whole of France, engraved on leather and preserved in the institute’s library. The group was reorganized in 1794 as the Polytechnical School and in 1887 was divided into the Geographic Service of the Armies and the Historical Service of the Armies. In 1940 the former was converted into the Institut Géographique National, which in 1967 became a public establishment of the state. The institute administers the National School of Geographic Sciences and has an extensive specialized library. It also has a small fleet of airplanes for aerial surveys.

Institut Géographique National (IGN)

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